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It writes to you in the silent
scrawl of tree branches weighted
with snow.  The backyard creek
finds the oldest path on earth
as it winds its way past the 1920s
dairy barn, shuttered and still
standing, braced and beamed,
its builders never believing
they'd ever be gone.



She always got the work done--
always organized, practical,
taking care of us kids, the home,
nose to the grindstone,

good at everything--
she even had a knack
for making play look like work.
All the while she took

my life into her hands,
called it her own.  I've spent
years learning how to take it
back, swearing I'd never take

care of her.  Now, her memory
going, her grip on me gone,
a tenderness I've never felt
comes pouring.

Today I lost count
of how many times she asked
what day it was and whether
she'd eaten breakfast.

We paid her bills,
filled the pill boxes, crossed
the calendar's blank squares
to the next time I'd visit.

At the door, we hugged again
and again.  And then--her ears,
still sharp, caught the calls of geese
just cresting the rooftop.

Their wingbeat, and the trusting
aim of their southward V
filled her, and for those moments,
her eyes were miracle-sky.

"Look--look!" wonder smiled
her whole body.  And through
loss, pain, and age, came
a gift I'd never seen before--

how she could fly like that.

Jennifer Burd, Ypsilanti, Michigan

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