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Francis Ferde
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The center of effort is the point in the sail plan
that is the balance of all wind forces. Knowing nothing

of sails, even less of direction, I refuse the harbor,
choosing a seagull study instead, admiring how their bodies

know exactly what to do with the air. Well, I do know
something of waiting. I know how to watch the wagtail, too,

marching his salt and pepper army of one along the lake walk.
No, I don’t want to go where I’m going even if it will balance

the wind forces, help me find a way in through the surf.
The old black sailboat hulks in the waves, gothic

and massive and dark—but so beautiful, too.
Each time I look up from the birds, from the line of sun

on that immense blue, the boat has changed
its angle, and it dawns on me that there is a tether.

A deep anchoring that permits only this controlled swing.
The arc is wide and the boat looms, but despite

the promise in the height of the mast—it would be quite
a thing to see those sails unfurl, the shadows

they would throw—it can only rotate around its anchor,
it can only swing and then settle in to its original position.



Michelle Bailat-Jones, St.Legier, Switzerland 





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