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When I open the blinds early in the morning
the light starting to brighten nearby trees; brush
and grass is just somehow not quite the same
as sunlight, nor even the light holding constant
of a midnight sun nor that of an All Hallows Eve

moon’s glow.  Yes, instead, it is like, to me, quite
similar to those occasions when I open my bible
to reread a favorite passage and my realizing this
is like opening out my thought waves, a chance

opportunity to explore ideas whether fresh or
retouched.  Indeed, it then feels like a reaching in
and/or bringing back something fermenting and
growing.  Ah, these times are more infrequent, much
less often than I wish but still very real and welcome.

I wonder did Dante or Aquinas have frequent break-
throughs such as I, or perhaps only the likes of Pasteur
and de Vinci engaged in such forthright activity results?
Oh, to be a quiet bug on a studio easel or chapel pew.



Alex Ferde, Ireland



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