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reflections on a Tarot Trump
           in haiku, sonnet, rondeau and villanelle

A lunar eclipse--
Earth comes between Moon and Sun"
Thus is Isis veiled.


The Mother goddess 'tween two pillars sits;
Her priestess aspect manifest.  She's known
by many names.  But here--and matching wits
and wiles with those who'd breach her guard--alone
blocks passage of cowans through wisdom's gate
who fail her tests and trials.  Let dilettantes beware,
This one has raised the dead; revived her late
dismembered spouse and had his child.  Have care!
Unless you know a peace beyond torment;
are girded 'gainst that which she surely brings--
your past revealed in a single moment;
your inmost sins and follies dredged--she springs,
a hungry sphinx, should you her queries fail.
Her name is Isis, wearer of the veil.


"Let there be Light!" the seeker cries
before the hoodwink leaves his eyes
and thus doth he in awe behold
the Goddess, the exquisite mold
of man, who tempts the would-be wise.

Veiled Isis sits beneath the skies
No less than Nature in disguise
And Nature's boon to grant, withhold?
Her mysteries.

His inner sight to his surprise
beholds the light he seeks; that prize
bequeathed the pure in heart.  The gold
reduced, the Argent Vive foretold--
Her mysteries!


Reason can lift the priestess' veil;
Can scry the seal adorning Nature's breast,
When wed to intuition strong and hale.  

Where quondam dabbling in the sacred fail
to bring acuity, with inner sight possessed,
Reason can lift the priestess' veil.

Where insight often helps the will prevail,
Is not then Reason stronger?  Doubly blessed?
When wed to intuition strong and hale.

The Virgin Priestess' symbol tells the tale--
A coupling of matter and spirit.  Let the gods attest:
Reason can lift the Priestess' veil.

Mind and sight may grasp the holy grail
When beheld through virtue's lens.  But Reason is best
When wed to intuition strong and hale.

What aids the seeker?  What will avail?
None less than Virgo's gifting--her bequest.
Reason can lift the priestess' veil
When wed to intuition strong and hale.

Joseph McNair, Miami, Florida

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