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I climb the true bones of the oak,
settle under an alcove of leaves,
speak to the face of the moon.

I watch the blowsy August rose
lean across grey water,
bloom in the first glimmer of dawn.

I see the faint star light-years away
shine on the lost treasures of a child,
rescue the language of the heart.

I open a locket of mirrored dreams--
the illusion of endless time
spills into the radiant sky-sea.


The day overcast.  Impossible to find the sun
                     that rises
           each morning in the arms of the gnarled tree.

The river bends, following an abused horse down
                     a gradual
           slope.  A soft breeze raises the animal's thick mane.

The hairs on my skin bend like new grass parted by a
                     rising wind.
           A purple flower opens on the stem of a bright promise.

I think of the family and friends I have lost --
                     how life
           is the precious moment, its foothold insecure.

The thought stays one step ahead of me,
           the rescued mare into the dark pasture.


I walk the winding river parkway on a September afternoon
                   down--watch for
                                      acorns, hubcaps
                   hear car brakes squeal

I look up
         profile of a young doe
                   the long stride of luck as she charges across the sidewalk
                         two steps
                                      in front of me
                  our startled wet brown eyes
                  the muddy river runs through us
                  we bathe in it, wash fear's pervasive scent

         she could trample me
                  and I would understand
                         for at our least, we are instinct
                                      hurtling toward the sun, making that wild leap into elegance.

Christine Lord, Ann Arbor, Michigan 


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