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Now what's this racket,
this loud yammering going on
between those two crows,
letting it all hang out
in a tall maple tree?
A marital spat, no doubt,
the female crow saying
the macho male crow,
"Look, I've had it with you, buster,
with your late hours,
with your messing around
these young girl crows."
"What girl crows?," he says.
"Well, for starters," she says,
"Anna Crow from Savanna,
pretty Pearl from Pearl City,
and that cute little Millie Bird
from Milledgeville."
"Oh, give me a break," he says
and ruffles his feathers.
"I'm taking the kids
and going to Mother's," she says.
"In Wisconsin?," he says.
"Yes, Wisconsin," she says.
"Go ahead, do it," he says.
"You're too fat from me
and you've got bad crow's-feet
and bad crow's-breath."
"Don't follow me, you hear?
We're done, kaput," she says,
and they fly off mad
in opposite directions.


The man who invented swimming
or was it algebra
or was it cornflakes
or was it hula hoops
or was it toothpicks
or was it rock and roll
or was it metaphysics
or was it DDT
or was it Chinese checkers
or was it germ warfare
or was it rugby
or was it bubble gum
or was it North Carolina
or was it asbestos
or was it wallpaper
or was it television
or was it onion rings
of was it hot-air balloons
or was it income tax
or was it light beer
or was it bulldozers
or was it wool pants
or was it Father's Day
has come again to clean the pool.

Dave Etter, Lanark, Illinois

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