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Geoffrey Philip
Joseph McNair
Chris Lord
Coleman Barks
Dave Etter
Elisavietta Ritchie
Sam Cornish
Duane Locke
Karyn Wolven
Marisella Veiga
Michael D. Long
Running Cub
Joanie Freeman
Alan Britt
Shutta Crum
Steve Beaulieu
Gerald Clark
Mary E. Finlan
Fred Wolven


In the hour before morning
When the roosters are crowing
A man reaches for his wife.
Today he is risking his life.

He is going to America.
His going to survive.

She lights a kerosene lamp,
Starts the coal burner out back
To boil water for coffee.
He must remain alert at sea.

She takes his face in her hands.
Will he?  He must make land.

                                        We cannot continue
                                        Walking the same path
                                        With too many children
                                        Holding us down
                                        While having to rise instead
                                        Like our prayers.


Man sitting on a sofa
With a guitar in his hands
One hip of it
Between his legs
(like a bad woman)

Same man later
Standing in a hallway
With a mask of colors
Painted on his face
Holding such blue eyes

I'm not much for blue
Though the blues sometimes
Are the only songs
The birds are singing
At my window

              A toast
              A toast

To the thought right now
You've got fingers moving
On a keyboard

& the world's being good

Marisella Veiga, Virginia

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