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Joanie Freeman
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Gerald Clark
Mary E. Finlan
Fred Wolven


A sea anemone blossoms
Deep in the ocean's garden,
Swaying in currents,
Standing in the flow,
Dancing to tunes
Of her life's existence.

But, encounter causes
A disappearance from view,
A retreat within her coral home
That provides safety,
An isolation,
Without connection.

What now exists
In this state?
Shut down and alone.
Life is on, life is off,
Like a master switch.

The vulnerable preserved,
Not waiting, nor wanting,
Not dancing in the water kingdom.
She hides, without expectation,
Void of life.

Then, the scene is cleared!
The space is safe.
Out pours her gentle softness
Opening up again,
Returning to a glorious state.


I dance with the wind,
Then soft sounds call me;
I reach into the air
Feeling the essence of life.

I hear the words singing out
The sounds of life and death
As I circle through time
Giving me my sacred moments.

I give the wind echo the joys and pains
I feel it touching the depths of my being
Seeping into my hidden places.
As I look and listen, I find

The truth that surrounds me
It sits within me
As I dance with the wind
And find myself.

Joanie Freeman


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