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Chris Lord
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Dave Etter
Elisavietta Ritchie
Sam Cornish
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Alan Britt
Shutta Crum
Steve Beaulieu
Gerald Clark
Mary E. Finlan
Fred Wolven


A young pregnant woman grips her purse
& strolls across our parking lot
A canvas awning barely leans forward
inching shade across my table
The continuous brush of cars
over the nearby road
Two businessmen sit next to me
& talk about fishing & the weather
(Can you imagine?  Solitude struggling
at the end of a fishing line?)
Unseen birds scrape tiny washboards in a nearby tree
The sky unties its silk skirt
A police siren's hypodermic
intensifies for a moment
then recedes into the upper thigh of the horizon
A pair of blue high heels
scrape & click behind me
A tiny solitude pushes itself slightly
from my breast pocket
like a white cotton handkerchief
There is a bluegreen building made of glass
& the cough of a tractor trailer
removes the handkerchief from my pocket
A few brown leaves break loose
from a half-covered maple
& the wind carries this flock of leaves
for a very short distance
They may just as well
have landed in my blood
except that on this day
my arms cannot leave my body
& my feet are firmly locked inside their shoes
Another square truck rolls by
its gears chattering the whole way
I scan the horizon
A brown butterfly dips behind a metallic blue Mercedes
Jet vapor stretches from one side of the sky
to the other
like a loose strand of nylon
hanging from the side of a sock
A polite stranger borrows
my extra chair -- it must be lunch time now
as the crowd slowly descends
here on the patio of the American Cafe

Alan Britt, Reisterstown, Maryland


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