Ann Arbor Review


Chris Lord
Joseph McNair
Karyn M. Wolven
Geoffrey Philp
Paul B. Roth
Duane Locke
Silvia Scheibli
Shutta Crum
Felino Soriano
Steve Beaulieu
Donald Hewlett
Alan Britt
Joanie Freeman
Mervyn M. Solomon
Jerry Blanton
Marilyn Churchill
Running Cub
Mukul Dahal
Alice Paris

Helen Losse
Fred Wolven


walking in a north woods I watch
an eagle, nesting high in tall
trees, glides in over the lake
returning to feed its young.

in silence I stand.  my sight fixed
on such a natural spectacle I can
but stare & not forget.  perhaps,
sitting astride their ponies,
generations before me,

cresting a hill during a morning's hunt,
some forefathers
chanced upon such a scene, as I have,
& in doing so were, like I am,
momentarily overcome & sat as transfixed

as I am following the bird's flight
& movement while noticing feather
& form, then sigh as they draw
another breath.  I, too, do now.


Running Cub, Everglades



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