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Marilyn Churchill
Running Cub
Mukul Dahal
Alice Paris

Helen Losse
Fred Wolven


Go to the wind
enter its classroom
and read the lesson 'blow',
explore how it keeps its clothes ever cool.
Get into the premises
of the college of the green
and attend the lesson
'how to befriend
with chirping birds.'
and 'How to dance to
the tune of gentle breeze.'
Step into the University of Livid Water
rustling down the brook.
There's a library with books
on 'an unending, smooth
swirl down to the edge of the horizon.'
The books have the chapters
of pebbles on their beds.
Have you attended
a lecture of the moonlit night
with a real presence of your mind?
Go to nature's academy
of enigma
for your emancipation
from the crook of
the world.
You have been
stuffed with
a load of blasphemy.
Pour out all your learning.
Learn to unlearn
what they have heaped
on you.
They: the so called academia
of lie.

Mukul Dahal,  Chitwan, Nepal


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