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The cold winds of Fall striped the trees
Turned the greens, red, orange and yellow
Leaves shaken from stable branches.
The trees stand strikingly bare
Standing out against the blue sky of day
With a brittle look in their surroundings.

Vistas have opened providing views of dwellings
Both well adorned and meager in the seeing.
The hidden creeks and back roads appear.
The now winter frost can add a dusting of white
Creating a wonderland of the Winter's offering,
As the winds turn colder chilling our very bones.

This morning opens to greet us,
The winter chill is avoided with
A sense of warmth that only the sun
Can give with a teasing twist
As it bursts forth from the eastern sky
Growing red as it brilliantly lights the dawn.

Energy and excitement fills our waking
Enabling us to be a part of the offerings
Of nature in this time of deep frigid winter.
A warmth and brightness filling us
As we eagerly greet the day
Then watch warm colors fade.

Joanie Freeman, Charlottesville, Virginia


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