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Running Cub
Tolu Ogunlesi



following in the footprints of my grandfather
and my father.  Their moccasins bigger,
their strides wider, their imprints deeper
and longer lasting from early berry season
into the time of the harvest moon's changing
colors.  The weight of my ancestors rests
lightly on my shoulders.  The great spirits
must be kind with me for I want to learn
all the traditions, become able to participate
in all the rituals, grow into a brave young
man, one able to steer a canoe, carry the old
when we move for game, hunt with the best,
and one day tell stories around our fires.

As I walk I watch the animals--furred rabbits
hiding in the brush, squirrels flying from oak
to oak, the eagle circling over the pines nearby,
and the small creatures crossing my path--such
as snakes, slugs, and even some tiny ants.  For
in so doing I may learn the ways of our earth
and the means of co-existing in peace with all.
Great Father, watch over me now, help me grow.




Running Cub, Everglades



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