Ann Arbor Review


Geoffrey Philp
Chris Lord
Duane Locke
Shutta Crum
Karyn M. Wolven
Joseph McNair
Gerald Clark
Paul B. Roth
Fred Wolven
Alan Britt
Joanie Freeman
Jerry Blanton
Steve Beaulieu
Felino Soriano
Tolu Ogunlesi
Running Cub
Helen Losse




In a place called Canyonland
By day the rock formations are
Spectacular for all to see.
These majestic structures,
The earth's amazing architectural wonders,
Reach into the wide open sky,
We hike over, around rugged boulders
Up and out onto breath-taking views,
Our eyes searching sights never seen before.

As the day closes and softens,
The great structures move into the background.
We smell the night blooming moonflower;
Our awareness goes to our close surroundings
Of the Juniper trees and the desert sage.
The silence fills our souls
And broadens our minds
With the wonder and splendor of surroundings.
Sleep falls upon us
Leaving us eager to awaken to new adventure
Here in Canyonland.


I dance with the wind,
As soft sounds call me,
Reaching out into the air,
Feeling the essence of life,
The wind's words sing out
Giving me sacred moments.
Hearing the echoing sounds
Of the joys and pains,
Having it deeply touching,
Seeping into my soul.
As I feel, look and listen,
I find
The truth that surrounds me,
The truth that sits within me,
As I dance with the wind
And find myself.


Joanie Freeman
, Virginia


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