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Dike Okoro
Karyn M. Wolven



Remember the kisses
When you break bread

Forget the hisses
When you cut the thread

Bruised suns will lack
Rays when honored at the rock

But eyes already tortured
By acrid smoke and the thud

Of the sea that woke up late
Always blink when revelations rustle


Today I return
To the old house you
Built before you
Passed away.  Old things
Have a way with sadness
And silence.  Sure
I remember your smile,
But what good is a smile
When you are miles away
From these days' eyes, buried
In the mound in the front yard,
And my memory of you
Teaching me how to skin
A slaughtered chicken
Soaked in hot water is
The laughter within?


Dike Okoro
, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

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