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Paul B. Roth
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Paul Handley
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George Moore
R. Jay Slais
Carol Smallwood

Sabahudin Hadzialic
Ian Smith



from up here the river is brown-
uniformed, a restless guard
dutifully separating the living

from the merely lively.
the living
is the green

of nature's turf.  the lively
is everything else--
the toy cars raced by invisible hands,

the cages of steel & glass
where engines run
on blood, sweat & pride,

& the roads, clad in black;
aged referees running through
the impatient plans of the world.

diminished by desire, I succumb--
like every one of the restless rest--
to the riotous rhythms of these stands.

every now & then my gaze falls,
like a gloomy shadow,
on one of the many hands

of fate, each painstakingly adding to the stone score-
board beyond the river's edge,
the names of yet more living dead.


Tolu Ogunlesi, Lagos, Nigeria

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