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Sabahudin Hadzialic
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The early morning I notice
The brilliant red of the male cardinal
And the exacting shape of the female's crest;

The perched male red-winged hawk of
The family alights upon my approach,
Its wings nearly noiselessly in flight
As he circles then lands atop another pole;

The red-winged blackbirds darting across
My pathway from bush to bush;

And the young adult blue heron lifting out
Of the reeds along the small lake's edge.

I have committed to memory my seeing the
White-headed eagle sitting atop the electric pole
The other day, with its wings opening majestically;

An occasional butterfly, one of many varieties,
Fluttering between wild flowers, as well as the

Beetles scuttling across sand
From one small hole to another.

Such interactions blending nature's spirits
Within my family's history, connecting ancestors
For generations after generations.

Running Cub, Everglades, Florida


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