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Sabahudin Hadzialic
Ian Smith


One woman wearing only a thin print dress, barefoot,
infant slung on her hip, stares a young severely
weathered face

across an expansive concrete beach to a body of water.
An algae bloom chokes all other ocean life.  Through
the cloudless sky

unmanned drones are flying in formation.  They land on
the water,
seeming like mosquitoes, but there are no mosquitoes.

There are no insects, no ants, no highly facultative
organisms, all reduced to inorganic molecular dust.

Are the planes on our side, or the other side?
Who is the other side?  When did the war begin?

The sun is glowing golden on the woman's leathered face.
The child is motionless.

In the heat waves the drones bob up and down like
Nothing left to kill, no houses, no foliage, just one
woman and a baby.

The woman turns the baby to the dolphins, "Look!  See
the fish." 
The baby does not look, does not see, swaddled almost

The wind ripples the woman's dress in dusty gusts
that mute the color of the dying light to dull brick
red reflected

in dead water now the color of sloughed menstrual blood.
The dolphins float up on their white bellies.

But the woman has not sloughed blood for months,
and the sun will light the earth for 5 billion more

Bobby Steve Baker, Lexington, Kentucky


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