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you forget that you breathe the same air as her so you forget that the
differences between men and women are irrevocable and so you just
might discover other things like the sun rising west or the earth going
flat all of a sudden but all your feeling for her can be summed up in a
single heartbeat and exactly how the breaking of the vow can destroy
all your defenses and you didn't know how much you needed them to
possess even a very small part of her is to permanently give up a piece
of your skull and then you find out that it's not the question of why or
even knowing why you can not say that under any condition when she
puts the trap right there in front of you and you step in it like a stupid
bear and it cuts you in half and you get up and try to put all the pieces
back together and get the hell out of there and that makes you happy?


she quoted the late great Eugene O'Neill at him: " with you
has spoilt me for any other man..." so she said no they would not go
the muffled storms roiled into one bolt he hit her he couldn't bear to
believe he had done it but he did do not another moment not another
chance not another beat not ever he couldn't live with it he couldn't
live through it so he went out to the shed he vised the sight set the
trigger pulled the light waiting for years for what was not he gave it
a shot there was a fire in the skin a rain that goes right through and
outside hits the ground and turns to ice the tent show queen poured
darjeeling black and served biscuits the liontamer beer the guys who
rigged the rigging came with not so ugly girls and passed out white
lightning around the trapeze set up no net it was a circus tea it was
a gamble it's your deal I know your kind I don't mind telling don't
stop keep pouring about a year ago I caught him digging holes in my
garden denying everything claimed someone framed him could you
believe?  could you imagine how I felt just then?  I'm going to New
York from here if you will let me through if not I'm ready for another
hand he did destroy her life with his love she had tried to live with it
she had tried to learn to live with it but nothing was ever spoke and
when it counted he wasn't there but still she wasn't sure the fan was
broke she became a walking boobytrap what was that what was that
he said forget it she knew no one would listen she would have had to
why herself to sleep she would have had to rut the same old line and
who could blame her?  there was only one hope and that hope slim


satnrose, Winchester, Virginia



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