Ann Arbor Review: International Journal of Poetry

Issue Number 10
Spring 2012

Ann Arbor Review

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Gerald Clark
Lyn Lifshin
Paul B. Roth
Ndue Ukaj
Anne Babson
Laszlo Slomovits
Qinqin Huang
Duane Locke
Adhar Maheshwari
Shutta Crum
Odimegwu Onwumere
Anthony Seidman
Chris Lord
Running Cub
Amit Parmessur
John F. Buckley &
Martin Otto

Joanie Freeman
Alan Britt
Jennifer Burd &
Laszlo Slomovits

Sonnet Mondal
Karyn M. Bruce
John Tustin
Jennifer Burd
Michael Gessner &
Daniel Davis

Martin Camps &
Anthony Seidman

Fred Wolven

Holly Day

M. J. Iuppa
John Grochalski
Catherine O'Brien
Joe Milford
Byron Matthews
Joseph Murphy
Dike Okoro

Steve Barfield






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Fred Wolven, editor

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Through the open window
A square of moonlight frames

A pistol and a rose

Blue black
Cool steel
A faint aroma of oil

And red velvet pedals
With near lethal thorns
Nearly alive
A scent too fragrant



Sebastian Inlet
Along the moonlight shore

A slender ghost
Feathered sculpture
His great neck a question mark?

I marveled at its patience
The profound stillness

I know nothing of this bird

In my yard
A familiar egret
In fall's short light
            I see his question
But wonder less
And crave the mystery




Gerald Clark
, Ann Arbor


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