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Fitting that jellyfish in Spanish is medusa: tresses of the Gorgon sister like those tentacles adrift.  Attic women spoke lies as they labored at the loom: men whom she stalked, forced to gaze into her eyes and carbon- ized instantly, and villages burdened with widows and orphans.  Moon medusa, box-shaped medusa, Pacific Sea Nettle or Flower Hat Jelly, your red and purple afterimage is what I witness in my sleep... dermonecrotic carnations of the sea.  Fishermen and adventurers see the fabled sister arise from the slow drift, and they keep this secret.  The sister is too beautiful to behold and not possess; men have begged for one night in the torch-lit grotto, even if ecstasy means conflagration.


Pane of glass
separating blue
from blue

also conjoins
the two

Anthony Seidman, Los Angeles


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