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(for Ian Serraillier)

The thief ambled round the palace garden.
He had a lion face, and cobra eyes;
You couldn't fear him anywhere.
He appeared as a Chief; he put on a crown and robe
And sat on the throne as a Chief
And the elders said:
'What a lamp face he has, what dove eyes!
How clever he looks!
You could fear him anywhere!'

The thief was sitting on the throne as the chief
He had a lamp face and dove eyes;
You could fear him anywhere.
He appeared as a theif; he put on thief's clothes-full of pockets
And ambled round the palace garden.
And the elders said:
'What a lion face he has, what cobra eyes!
How foolish he looks! 
You couldn't fear him anywhere!'



Great in size
Though not in strength as the eagle
Higher in dominion
Though not as white as a dove
It flys from the rubbish heaps
It perches at the rooftop
So filthy and sluggish
So dirty like a pig
But kill it, you'll incur a penalty
But eat the totem, you'll bring down a wrath

Merry as you wish
Marry your beloved
Without its silent appearance
The celebration will end in destruction

Societies, celebrate your heroes
And present your virgins
Societies, celebrate your initiates
And offer your sacrifices
Without it kissing the blood
Your sweat will sink and waste
With its silent appearance
You share a table with the gods
For the presence of vulture
Carries the acceptance of the Creator.


Kufre Udeme, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa


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