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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven


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The cricket, as she ages, slows her song and its incessant buzzing.
So, too, as it ages, the human heart untightens, relaxes its staccato
the beauty found no longer in the pulses but the dreamy rests between,
the slur of chirps and intervening silence.

How strangely strange, a child's transformation into geriatric woman!
Far stranger than the larva's to a butterfly, whose change we notice
    mainly for its haste, whose change is hasty
only to a long and drawn-out human senescence,
whose iridescent wings it entertains with pompous confidence, as
    thought it never doubted they would come.
No butterfly is foreign to its larva nor the other way around.
No, rather they float free of our unbearable recall, which hemorrthages
    that endless ebb of age
and, bleeding, tethers popsicles to threadbare grayish hearts,
birthdays to a soggy makeup rainbow.



Nugent Karhu, Maastricht, Netherlands



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