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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven


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Delicately as a master planter potting
Roots ripped gassed knifed smashed
Violently all but dead you gathered your
Missing pieces from the rubble and
The ashes...and after the war
Went to work in a home for the lost...
Carrying the broken bulbs with you
In your big-hearted pockets and
Lovingly reconstructing what
Remained of the fractured lives
Of those who--more or less--
Beat the odds against annihilation
And struggled on...the inexpungeable
Smell of burning flesh lingering
Mingled with the delicate
Bouquet of blossoms
Forever entwined
Life and death
In every single
Human survivor's garden...


First you eliminate the intelligentsia
Including the officer class
As well as
Any obvious troublemakers
This puts a scare into the rest
And tends to make them more
Then you sort through the children
Measuring hair color & texture,
Color and spacing of eyes,
Nose width and shape,
The earlobes, lips, teeth & gums, etc...
And cull out the obvious Aryans and
Place them with good Germanic families
Next you shut down all education beyond
The basics
The most these creatures need is a simple
Understanding of reading, addition and
Now you're almost done:
A sturdy race of sub-humans to perform
The drudgery
The Jewish problem is resolved
And the gas chambers cry
In which case
You may pop in the Poles
Along with the Romani and Russians
And all the rest of the sub-humans
And gas them...or not, if you still have
Use for them for awhile


Steven Gulvezan, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan


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