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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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Life begins and we cry out to the world.
Our needs, our survival are hopefully met.
By those around us who love and care
If they love and care to nurture us.

We grow, and grow and grow for years
To fill the shoes of those who mold us
Unless a different way is encouraged,
To think for ourselves and be open.

We laugh, we cry as we do life's dance
The tempo changes from scene to scene
Our needs grow, our wants grow and
Our desires grow seeking fulfillment.

Some wander far and wide to seek
Some stay put and build life as is.
Yet we all keep aging through
With offerings of god and bad.

Our struggles and successes change us
Our searches begin to dwindle with time
Our steps begin to slow the pace
With life's choices we settle in.

Some won't give in to aging bodies
Some won't let go the spark of desire
Some can't let go of the yearning spirit
Yet time keeps moving on and on.

At the end what is left to the mind?
At the end what is left to the body?
At the end what is left of the spirit?
What do we reap from our living?

The moment comes as it did at first
Some go out with a whisper
Some go with whimpers and cries
We all leave as we all came

What happens to us?
And who tells the tale?



Joanie Freeman, Charlottesville, Virginia


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