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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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Time lingers in the small hours
As I am reminded of my patrimony
& the sins against my fathers,
Looking at the pinup who slumbers by me--

There is silence, save for the buoyant reverb of
Music in annoying juke joints--
It had an undying fall, monsieur!

What's in a name
That she should be held accountable
Of a dis-ease spermed of yore.


Whispers at vespers, sealed with a kiss
Which might as well be stolen
But not false--
It is a closed book issue, as the fight rages on
For the limelight, for the proclamation
On minarets.
But somewhere lurks a shadow
By which all else is measured.

Dzekashu MacViban
, Cameron, Africa

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