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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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Listening to Marceau is an art.
The ambiance must be perfect
to gain the full glorious effect.
A soft easy chair is required.

Late in the evening is the best with
no clatter and chatter to distract.
Your stereo should peak at 100 watts and
the bass descend to 20 cycles or less.

Put your CD in and let your mind go.
The first section will be very soft.
Let your mind conjure up calm images
a pastoral scene that is verdant.

As the piece moves from double piano
let your mind slip to a new scene.
See a river as it frolics and plays,
hiding the turmoil that lurks below.

As the intensity builds and swells
envision a violent forest fire Wicked
orange tongues blistering the sky
whipped by the devil winds.

Sadness creeps in as the CD ends.
You really hate to have it stop.
You feel tired and totally drained.  Oh,
that mime's melodies are sublime.



Mike Berger, retired psychologist


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