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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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When young I learned to listen
carefully, to hear the words,
the wisdom of my elders
for I knew that in their stories,
the legends, the myths
of our spirits, of our people
I would have a chance,
be shown a pathway
on my lifelong journey
leading me to eye-opening
insights with which to age.

In those years of hearing
the legends, learning the age-old
stories, I began to obtain
the keys to open new ways
of seeing the world around me.
I started to watch the ant slow
in its movements, deliberate
in its every action, working
together with others.

I watched the eagle
building its nest
far from our dwellings,
watched it bring up its
young, protecting them
from its few enemies,
teaching basic survival
knowledge, skills needed
for them to earn a place
in our universe, to find
a way in its world--one
we all share, brothers,
creatures, feathered friends. 

Such learning
means reading the sky
and understanding from
each season's growing
of plant and flower
a little more about our earth,
and like my learning to walk
without leaving footprints.

Today I continue in this way.
I have much yet to know.

Running Cub, The Everglades

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