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Entering a new land far off
Almond eyes staring at me,
Knowing I am the foreigner,
Watching me search for signs
Trying to navigate my way,
Writings unlike that of my own.
The sights tease with a familiar look,
Challenging me at every turn
Pushing my senses to the limit
Hearing sounds so alien to my ears,
Then get quickly embraced by friends
Who swoop me up and take care of me
My adventure begins as we whirl
through the streets without the rules
that govern the roads back home.
My trust in my companions is strong,
So I relax in their care with weary
Mind and body waiting for needed sleep.
Awakening in the morning, I note
I am in China, this land far from home.
I am in China with sights, smells and tastes
to discover and marvel as the days unfold.
I am in China and I am thrilled to be
With new adventures waiting.



Four weeks in a lifetime
Preparing for many months
Then stepping on foreign soil
To be greeted by young women
Young and eager to grow
I found them to be
Reaching out and delving in
Searching for their passion
My offer to share who I am while
Helping them discover who they were
We all explored the possibilities
To make our world a better place
First I heard a unified single voice
Among many different faces
Slowly they showed me so much more
Gradually I heard each and every one
They grew with our work together
I grew with their spirit
We created a feeling of family
They became my Chinese daughters
Special are these young women
Watching them flowering from buds
To full and beautiful people
I am truly blessed to have shared
With my Chinese daughters.


Joanie Freeman, Charlottesville, Virginia

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