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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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It rained this morning 

on our way to the hospital.


The wiper blades 

moved back-and-forth


leaving streaked arcs 

across the windshield.


As we turned right at the light 

onto Havana from Alameda, 


she lowered the volume  

on the radio and said: 


We either go after it hard 

or cancer kills me.


I can’t afford to be afraid,

it’s too expensive. 


I agreed then asked 

if she remembered


our phone conversation 

while I was in Thailand


when she told me: “With 

every day we’re given, 


“we’re given another chance 

to change 


“the rest of our lives 



No, she said, I don’t 

remember saying that.


But, I’m glad 

you’re home.






The wind carried the laughter 
of invisible children
playing in the neighborhood 
next door to the field 
where my dog galloped around in circles
like she was herding sheep 
while I walked along 
singing a prayer and wondering 
what little furry buds bursting open 
on the branch of a pussy willow 
would sound like
before I stopped to watch 
a baby Garter snake 
slither across the dirt path
it had a gray and tan 
checkerboard pattern 
between the white stripes 
down the sides of its body
the two tips of its tongue were dark
like a fountain pen point 
dipped in black or blue liquid ink
I spent the rest of our walk
listening to my footsteps



 Nahshon Cook, formerly Bangkok, Thailand
Now Denver, Colorado

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