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Each day thoughts of you
Invade the chambers of my heart 
Spelling magic from wonderland 
Your voice is a soothing melody 
Moments shared are priceless Treasures
Memories of your laughter
Graced the air with convivial rhythms 
ĎZingedí by your kisses
Leaving me craving for more 
If this is a love song 
Iíll sing every morning 
And all night long!



It's 6:15, bar's already full 
Clustered around tables  
Are men sipping brew  
Bartenders tending 
Lovers blending
Served munching crews

All came to a still 
the moment she walked in
an intimidating beauty 
In her silky red dress 
Glowing and shimmering 
With gait befitting a queen

Eyes locked, mouths paused
As she parted her lips 
And let out a seductive smile Glaring and staring 
As she walked out the door
None knew her at all except 
"the lady in red"! 



Helen Gyigya, Makurdi, Nigeria 




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