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Perhaps I still wish you and I could be together
here in this beloved land, the place some family
yearn to be herein too. But, things have a way
of working themselves out, and not always just

the manner in which everyone can become more
than just happy with results. Sitting in a modest
local pub I can now only recall, only just long
for something more, for the memory pleasant

and lasting longer than any pub song or more
popular Irish lullaby. Thankful I am able to hold
within my heart the feelings I remember hearing
you express in your song like poems now more

dear than I then felt when first hearing, first reading
just knowing they were genuine, then perhaps more
real than ever. Yesterday I plucked a wildflower
from its meadow placed stem and inhaled its aroma.

The memories flooding back of you fill me yet true.
The night air cooling not yet chilling while walking
hand in hand around the edge of town was, still is
part of what we had/have and weaved into our book.

One creates, then goes about fashioning the chapters
of one’s life one after another, each flowing freely
without sometimes much thought about connections
but always with results, lasting or limited in time past.


Alex Ferde, Irland


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