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Francis Ferde
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Beings are caged in terms of hardship
No one can elucidate its awe-inspiring foundation.
May be from our immaturity;
Rather be of our inconsistency.
We only in pine and anguish, and
Stipulate more without accomplishments.
Reasons and facts are unknown to us,
But by how it is to be fulfilled us.
We are trapped not by situations,
But surrenders ourselves towards these.
We are naive of bonding and disruption
Still we are not confident what to cherish.
Even then it is indefinite of oneself--
How he be in awes and deems to be pale.
We can’t say any alternatives
Things are not the issues if we prime.
It can be magnitude with your assonance.
Concord or embarrassment- human life prevails,
We are incarcerated by day without gratification.
Pleasure is mine, pleasures is yours--
You can never say that would be sure.
Sure we are a lot of misfortunes
Will be yours that have been entail,
Till the world’s nourishment is without opposed.     




Error was transpired when heart was known
Everything was insightful beyond natural laws.
He was adequate more than her-
But how did he fail to remember himself totally swindles.
Judgment was bend over down when she initiated-
Herself renowned at every profound.
Hit had fondled, chocked his heart--
There he founded nothing but her.
She was endless and relentless of him,
But tendered a good job behind him.
He was panicked unrobed his contemplations,
Unable to catch her with happy assortments.
Judgment was justified required nothing,
What had been obligated was dying.
Her essence was gone truly to him,
Rather was derived and pride the armed.
Dissatisfied by heart, disliked by thoughts,
She took prime with day and night.
Judgment derived indicating an error,
How one could be distasteful by her dear.
What was thought that she took?
Nothing was consequential but reprimand
By him that had been judged only with look.
Not she wondered how he would behave,
He chose immortality taking an error of judgment.



Shantanu Siuli, Kamalghat Sadar,Tripura, India 


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