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Winter has broken its back
on the rusting plow

the houses of my ancestors
linger in the snowlight

sunlight and shadows play
against the door on a zero day

belonging to the young
adulthood of my grandparents

while my great great great great
grandfather sleeps in a country

cemetery under the latest record
snowstorm since his death

I unlatch the gate and walk toward him,
following in my own footsteps




going back to work -
first crocus
along the south wall


daylight savings time -
on the gibbous moon


just before solstice -
the cardinal at dawn
gives away the ending


first day of spring -
my mother's TV blares
in the darkened room


first coo of the dove -
nothing else moving
on this street


snow almost gone -
the streets swagger
in the March air


empty house -
oil stains
on the driveway


the sun puts
an extra coat of white
paint on the old house



Jennifer Burd, Ypsilanti, Michigan


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