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About family, for family, a startÖ

My childhood memories of Sunday after-
noon visits to American cousinsí family
farms for an early summerís mini-reunion
was a missed opportunity coupled with
the occasional chance to visit with a few
distant relatives I never otherwise would
even have a chance to meet much less
be able to spend any time with.  The last
such gathering took place when I was
10 or perhaps it was 12; Iím not sure.
That day going out to Cousin Hunterís
farm began with Uncle getting us up
so we could make the drive out into
the countryside a few miles outside
Smiths Creek in the cool morning air

I know Uncle especially enjoyed such
visits there as he was born nearby
not too far from the railroad crossing
site made somewhat famous, or so I
recall, by it being the one whereat
young Thomas Edison was tossed off
the boxcar in which he was trying
an experiment which started a small
fire damaging some railroad property.

Knowing he was born in the same
small town community somehow
gave Uncle a better connection with
local history if not directly being
tied to such a now generational
trivial incident stretched into mythical
proportions.  And enroute riding
along one of the graveled roads
we passed by the Mt. Pleasant
Methodist Church alongside which
his mother and father, (and thus my
Great aunt and uncle), his much
loved parentsóLevi and Pearl had
plots in which they would be buried.


Alex Ferde, Ireland


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