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Francis Ferde
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Running Cub
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Your beauty mesmerizes
the senses of my poetry.
It tingles the efficiency of its metaphors.
Let me modify you with verses of eulogium.
Let me transmute you into a poem
shrouded in immortality, Omalicha.



I’ve made you a delicacy of wit
with metaphors of fine contemporary.
I’ve also made you a glass of lemonade
with imageries & idioms of artistry,
eat with your eyes & become immortal.


We find felicity in deflowered nights,
In owlish casinos, where zings
of Cuban cigars & alcohol throttles
the innocence of teetotalers,
seeking luck from the erraticism of dominoes
here, there is no ‘I alone’,
neither is there ‘you alone’,
rustling through the arterial of razzmatazz
there is only ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘together
uniting in tandem artistry to create
a haven of solace, a citadel devoid of pangs
& soft tirades.  Here, we are all kings
thirsty for transgression, we are one.




Olajide Vincent Ajise, Largos, Nigeria



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