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Francis Ferde
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gray face, a collapsed wafer,
an apple left over winter on
some branch glazed in ice
thatís melted. Not uninteresting,
like other wreckage, abandoned
houses that seem to have sighed
and then sunk into themselves.
Startling, raved, she takes out
powder first and dusts her whole
face, a silt of fine dust before
rouge, cheeks and chin as if to
pull your eye to what isnít pale
and lined. Then, lipstick. But just
as she is about to add what I
suspect will be a tawny shade,
burnt umber or rust, a man stands
in my view, itís as if someone
stood up, a giant, just at the end
of a movie. I wanted the last
face, the transformation, see
the stylish Washington women in their
black coats, perfect skin are now
here, faceless as some Picasso
or Modigliani face on their way to
see a lover, buy antiques. Trying to
look behind their mask, I miss
my stop



Lyn Lifshin, Virginia and New York




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