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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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In the full moon light my grey fox stands
motionless, waiting, looking directly at me in
the shadows of palm and avocado tree branches
and leaves spreading out on the ground around me,
the light reflecting off his eyes bringing me back,
drawing me back to my grandmotherís burial site
with father breaking down, overcome for moments
the memories rushing in, overpowering him then.
Afterwards, I reach out to him, wanting
to have him near me, to hold me, just to be
in his arms, the pain of family in his eyes,
but I did not know then how to reach him.
Now, here, standing still near the pond in this spring
eveningís moonlight, I feel his presence, even
in this place I have often been before.  Perhaps, now
I can learn to reach out, connect with his spirit as I have not.



Running Cub, Everglades



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