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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub

Fred Wolven

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after the lungs

have breathed


their last breath

and the heart 


has stopped

there’s an energy


that won’t allow

the body to slack


until its aura

has left the room 


for my grandpa

it took two hours


that’s what writing

is like for me


by the time 

I finish a poem


being alive 

makes sense 






she’s in this room

with three tan walls 


and a big window

and a twin sized bed 


where she lay  

with limp head


and blue-socked feet

sticking from under the covers


there’s not fat on her

patiently dying face  


with its dark bulging eyes 

and pulled back wrinkly lips 


and the big black 

cavity growing  


in the chipped off tip 

of her top left front tooth


she looks tired 

and shrunken


and frail and 

so very beautiful


before I get up to leave 

I tell her I love you pretty lady


she blows me a kiss then says 

I love you too friend






Nahshon Cook, Bankok, Thailand


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