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for Sylvia Frances Chan

The crescent shaped hues of dusk fell further away
in myriad discrepancies. Cold November winds played in their
forsaken language proximate to Aurora at Dichteren.

On the east wilderness, another windmill, Benninkmolen stood,
along with barren boughs of autumn speckled throughout routes:
once clad in shades of orange, crimson and blond;

I picked a leaf and pressed it inside an antique hardcover.
As I walked in the Centrum one Sunday afternoon
where congregated tongues roamed far and spoke yesterday;

Only the resurrected church lay bare testimony to my footsteps --
I sat on a half-crooked bench with frost on my fingers,
(to erase unwanted verbs, I reckon).  Three doves offered

company in the comfort of their white feathers and then
flew away. Evening fell lightly, in steps. In Europe I measured
the openness, vastness and direction of space.



Sneha Subramanian Kanta, India and Plymouth, United Kingdom



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