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Into a cell phone:
ďDid you mean to call me?Ē

Now do you understand why
itĎs important to vote?

Nice to see you,
but sorry, gotta run,

ten minutes on the meter.
Ever since the doctor told me

to lose some weight
Iíve been sucking in my belly.

Iím kinda glad Iím depressed
Ďcause it takes the edge off my anxiety.

God, I hate this job. (Pause)
Do you think God heard that?



how sometimes

when a small photo
is enlarged

the image allows us
to go deeper into it

            and sometimes
            when music is turned up

            the song moves us more
            and moves more in us

            finding spaces
            unlocking places

            the quieter version
            left untouched

but perhaps youíve also noticed
how sometimes

larger or louder
is just larger or louder

            I think Iíll stop here

            before I find myself
            trying to say something

            profound about
            some simple thing

perhaps youíve noticed
how a longer poem

is sometimes just longer


Laszlo Slomovitz, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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