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The scent of the grass is the dust’s guest.
Time is life’s guest.
Wind is the walls’ guest.
The scent evaporates,
while the grass is crying and shedding leaves.
I abstain from peeling onions
because I remember that this life is fake.
Tears are useless.
Origami kites falling one after another
in the presence of the dusty wind.
Nothing remains but scriptures written in green ink;
theories of post-ecopoetics in the making.
The scent of the grass is still lingering in my nose
before this life betrays me again.



You time the moment when the snapshots are taken
the way a hunter tames preys. 
A brief summary
of how you create a representation: the form,

the shattered glass,
the pleasure in assembling fragments
the way you put mint leaves in your tea.

There is a scar in the heart
when you pass by the dead corpses;
all the bygone memories.

The faint pictures
only reverberate in your mind when you (paradoxically)
snapchat with the wind.



Ali Znaidi, Redeyef, Tunisia




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