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Francis Ferde
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Every so often my mother insists
a bird is in the tall maple
out in the courtyard a mama bird
and you'll see her if you run your eyes
straight up the trunk and then right
along the branch and to her left
is the nest you can see the babies
moving in there and every so often
she flies out to search for food
but then comes back again
and I'm looking
trying to see what she sees
searching everywhere
among the snow-covered limbs



They do things they never used to.
They idle at meal times,
sit passively for a manicure,
nap in her lap in front of CNN.
They have time on them.
Here, have some, they offer
like the perfect hostess
I made it myself.



my mother's hands
can still outdo me
even with one tied
behind her back
even with the whole
green world at my feet
just one word from
my mother's hands
can bring the rain



Jennifer Burd, Ypsilanti, Michigan




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