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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 48 years all together....


Francis Ferde
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Is it Consciousness?
Is it a dogma?

It does vex me,
When your disciples creates strikes and riots
Lured by the symphony of a pagan leader.
Yes, Civilized and great, they are named
Where's your seeded enlightenment?

It maims me,
When the crowds salute,
A grade less state clerk.
Yes, they praise his words of wisdom,
"The dream he had last night"
And offends you with a nickname.

It hurts me,
When they stamps you insane,
Yes, deep thoughts you have.

It vandalizes me,
When your works and articles are ignored,
And the libraries are burned,
Yes, sage they are.

Forgive them all O' Professors,
Your literate disciples,
Not yet, wise.
I solicit for a mental revolution,
Where work defeats the lazy words,
Help me O' Professors,
I wanna learn.



It's the beginning of dusk,
Flowers blossom everywhere for celebration.
And in the midst of cold wind,
I stand silent,
With lost feelings of isolation. 
I know you ain't gonna come,
Neither gonna make a phone.
My pen,
The eternal friend of your portrait,
Seldom knows the vain attempt.

Are you hanging on social networks?
Have you misplaced the TV remote?
Are you trying to hide yourself in the pillow?
Or just mesmerizing your fellow?
Has your coffee gone cold?
Did your mom scold?
Or your friends add your name with mine?
Have I missed your sweet lies?
Or are you gonna tease me in my dream?
Are you sad and vexed?
Or by my senseless words
Did you feel bored? 
Should I wait outside of your house?
Insane and crazy,
Sure! your dad's gonna thrash me

I have sunk in your memento.
Hours are slumber less,
Consumed by loneliness,
Since you left away.
Now I am alone,
With a long voyage left.
These flowers have no meanings,
Neither these pretty gifts shine. 
Waiting stubborn,
On the eve of valentine,
I stand still,
I stand alone,
I stand Insomniac,
With a abstract memories,
Vivid and poignant,
Nevertheless your absence ,
I wish,
"Till the end, I may wish for you"


 Arjun Dahal, Kathmandu, Negal

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