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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 51 years all together....


Francis Ferde
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FOR DUANE LOCKE (1921 – 2019)

The celestial green
Of your voice
Is reflected in branches
Where breeding boxes
Of Guacamayas
Raise their young.

Auf unserem Weg
Es war geschrieben,
„Ach, wie schön,
Wie schön
Mit Deiner Stimme
Zusammen sein.”


My friend, Chakira, gave me her chisme.

“Listen,” she said, “you will see that
pelicans glide on wings
as straight as paddle-boards—
aero-dynamic frigates ascend
immense, azure skies —
supplicant, boat-tailed grackles
seek verdant, queen palms —
and careinated chachalacas
exclaim an immanent sunrise,
when you taste Nayarit’s
goblet of dreams.”



under the gusty palapa
living dreams
she dreamt
while sick—

Watching noisy kiskadees,
superbly regal, green iguanas,
royal terns and reddish egrets

Thread her needle
to paradise
on Bahia de Banderas,

Estero de Salado, Puerto Vallarta

While hiking mountainous
Iolite skies
Bleached crocodiles
In a passion-orange-agave-marmalade boat
The river enters my bloodstream
Eventually scarlet beaks of skimmers
Follow its sweet surge



 Silvia Scheibli. Rio Rico. Arizona


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