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Francis Ferde
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Pollens of the mind, season birds.
Like the sandstones of moments they
Quiver, hover, and fly away.
    Once-often, and for all in an age.

  The trunk of a poem is mahogany
Carved, and possessed by times
Last away like vanity
Immortalize passing chimes.

Born, thus, god of a terrestrial plane
Immortal, as the moon's head
Supreme arbiter of crazed contemplations
   Purveyor, steamed ancient interests.



At your foot I stand, Erin Ijesha
      Where you flood me with your white occupation
Your splash of manner cleanses me of pride
Your feet’s royal rush disrobe my spite

But I ask, yet in thought and awe, where you’re headed to
Why water crops from your rock and fall
On your foot, endlessly, in the same cycle?

In the grains of your splash is one and th' only clue---
….because water crops from your rock and fall
On your foot, endlessly, in the same cycle.

Genteel rock,
In you I see no purpose hold true for seconds, except vanity
Nor a moment endure, but change and repeat

At your feet I stand, O vanity
Behold the cycle of your rush and flow, and change and repeat
How they bring this splash of white I wouldn’t know
But they’al happen to me like a ski in snow.


Deji W. Adesoye
, Ibadan, Nigeria





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