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a redondilla for Gerry

He is a child of the solstice.
Born on the cusp of the season,
carrying in his hands reason
stolen from winter’s high priestess.
He is a lushness in the heart,
a greenness that can’t be staunched,
the light of many summers launched.
He is the flight, the sting, the dart

that pierces day and sweetens night.
And I? I am a child of fall,
of death’s approach, of winter’s call.
I am his darkness, he——my light.


     (a poem in terza rima)

The customer is always right.
Or so, I always thought—
until this happened late one night

returning something Mom had bought.
Said, Manager, “I see . . .”
When I’d explained perhaps I ought

not dress myself so pink-i-ly.
The man—he was polite.
He bowed and answered civilly,

“Another pair just might highlight
your style, your joie de vie.”
I squealed out loud when I caught sight

of what he held so prettily.
“Perfect,” I cried. “Oh, yes!”
I tried them on—laughed heartily,

then gave them both a big caress.
I bought them for a song.
That week, I wore my pink prom dress

and plaid high-tops into the throng.
But Mom was right—her photos prove
at times . . . the customer is wrong.



Shutta Crum, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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