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who are we?
I mean who am I?
who are you?
Do we get to know who we really are?

How was your night ?
am fine there goes the reply
but are we really fine?
are you?
or am I?

What is the matter with you?
nothing am OK there goes another one
but are we?
are you?
or am I really fine?

Sometimes it's hard to say
say what you really feel
deep inside you wanna explode
but saying am fine saves you the stress
I know that

Depression this
depression that
feelings shared with the wrong people
but what about the right ones?
Stop saying you are fine when you are not

like a blink of an eye
a suicide notice
from a brother, a sister or a friend
Did we ever listened to them?
or we were busy with the circles of life

i know they think you are perfect
I know someone's looking up to you
Do you want to leave them behind broken?
what's your say? what's your story?
Stop saying you are fine when you are not




Here in the dark
lights so deem
caressed by the cold wind
sounds of cricket all around

The nights are still
this night seems lonely
a solemn whisper
a whisper of doubts

it's been long writing
it's been a while waiting
staying without you is now
been in this solo ride for long

I seek consoling words
affirmative words of you
I envision retrospect
retrospect of things yet to

in the midst of all
I sit in this cold night
with the assurance of your coming
Don't be long cos the night seems empty




At first your name was unknown
your identity wasn't important
Where you from wasn't a concern
and your where about was'nt either

like a cloudy sky
you rained on my soiled heart
the sound of your name
resonates my heartbeat

I think of you now, tomorrow and a day next
I dream of a day you become mine
a day where we ride in the sun till moonlight
oh what a day to behold

I am just a man
I ain't perfect but am beholding it
I can't promise castles but I can promise forever
the ring may not be golden but the circle is endless

With you I can be childish and unashamed
with you I don't mind being misunderstood
my flow is in the direction of your love
am drowned in the rivers of your heart

Wake up to me and you
awaken side by side
living a life but beholding perfection
with heartbeats as one

this fragrance of you
from an unknown to a known
from a stranger to a part of me
holding me tight when the nights seems lonely


Solomon Musa Haruna, Kaduna, Nigeeria


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