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Francis Ferde
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Not easy to sleep
in ruins
the debris, the holocaust
come back in short naps,
if these are called dreams Ö 

Ghosts dancing with the wretched,
Itís difficult to keep a tango 

Chairs are running after men and women,
afraid of coming closer, always

This air is full of wry smile
and unending persiflage

How long can one survive insomnia?
Sleep has learnt to sleep in ruins, now



Lizards crawled over my body,
stone wall, 
could not dispense with 

Lizards all over, fat, thin,
tall, short, jovial, serious
Prying eyes, dark tongue

only watched helpless.
But mind threw them all
to the woods, slushy water-body

Lizards all over
crawling on a supportive
stone wall, with colorful flowers



A day to adore is often
a day lost
The coconut juice someone
says water, spills over
& the wet patch banters
in persiflage
Sunshine galore, humans move
in haste, slowly
Bodies chasing bodies
day after day

The music goes on with
guitar, drums, saxophone,
without any tune I search
to treasure  



Aneek Chatterjee, Kolkata, India 


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