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Issue 25
Winter 2020-21

Ann Arbor Review

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Fahredin Shehu
Elisavietta Ritchie
Uvie  Gwewhegbe
Jennifer Burd
George Miller
Robert Penick
Laszlo Slomovits
Richard Gartee
Gale Acuff
Stephen Sleboda
Robert Nisbet
Chris Spitters
Silvia Scheibli
Michael Lee Johnson

Alicia Mathias
Alan Britt
Y. Przhebelskaya
Helen Gyigya

Aneek Chatterjee
Alex Ferde
Running Cub

Joanie Freeman
Shutta Crum

Fred Wolven

Steve Barfield

Deji Adesoye

Michelle Bailat-Jones


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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub

Fred Wolven

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Pallas Athena

...and where did you hide for so long
just now when I reckon you in Aquarius 
Shall you have to say something loudly
I shall keep my ears open
and the mouth shut
the eyes with tripled dioptrics to see
all your battles you craftily won and
the Art I do conquer for about thirty years
wants to resurrect into 
a tangible something un-named so far
to last longer than the ten lifespans 
of the mere mortals

...and I took the arrow
to target the Saturn's ring
full of ice nuggets and clods

In my remorse
I shan't change my name

In my happiness
I shall not evaporate the essence

In my despair
I shall not dry all tears so
they may fall like dandruff

In my bewilderment
I shall not loose myriads of worlds
so packed into a lump of DNA

In my awe 
I shall not fear the unknown so
overwhelmingly envelopes me 
Pulsing tightly and sometimes loose



I have seen
how it all spins in me
like Torus, while
turmoiling the sea
a rustling of waves 
took my sonoric memories
and evaporating Iodine
filled my lungs full of nicotine

The breeze took away
so much of my tears 
dried as nacre and
in my eyelashes
the palm leaves sprinkled talcum

Shadeless I became
like everyone in Love

Weightless I am now
floating between "Then" and "Tomorrow"

In my "Here-now" I dwell
sailing with all those in Love
who never count minutes
nor a Time has
any meaning at all


Fahredin Shehu, Pristina, Kosova



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